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What exactly does SolMem do? Dr. Qilin Li, founder and chief scientist of SolMem, was recently featured on Smart Water Solutions to discuss our Solar Membrane Distillation Technology.

Solar Membrane Distillation couples renewable energy with a novel technology to provide clean water sustainability and inexpensively. Tune in to the episode of the podcast down below to learn more:


The American-Made Challenges: Solar Desalination Prize is a four-stage  competition designed to accelerate the development of low-cost desalination systems that use solar-thermal power to produce clean water from salt water.


SolMem was one of the 12 winners nationwide from the innovation round. We just submitted our proposal for the 2nd round competition (teaming) , please click the link for a preview of our proposed idea and the robust partner network we have built:


Together, we will make Solar Desalination more efficient and affordable! 

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