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Prof. Qilin Li

  • Founder and Chief Scientist at SolMem

  • Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University;

  • Professor of Materials Science and NanoEngineering at Rice University;

  • Co-Director, NEWT Center

  • Main inventor of NESMD 

  • BE, Tsinghua University; MS & PhD, UIUC; Postdoctoral research, Yale University

SolMem Team

We are a team of engineers and technology enthusiasts who believe novel technology and ingenious engineering is essential to sustainability 

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Dr. Gordon Zhang

  • CEO

  • PhD, Chinese Acad. of Science; MBA, University of Calgary 

  • Former CEO of CNPC USA

  • 20+ years of executive management experience

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Dr. Charles Liu

  • Co-founder & R & D Director  

  • 30+ years of experience in membrane processes & water treatment

  • BE & ME, Tsinghua University; PhD, University of Houston


Roxy Z Evans

  • Co-founder & Business Director


  • 15+ years in new product development, product management, and product marketing 

  • MBA, Thunderbird School of Global Business

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Dr. Jinjian Wu

  • R&D Advisor

  • Main inventor of NESMD

  • Global research and project management experience

  •  BS, Fudan University; MS & PhD, Rice University

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Dr. Abdallah

  • Lead Research Engineer

  • Lead Research Engineer, NSF Engineering Research Center NEWT, Rice University

  • BS& MS, Alexandria University; MS & PhD & Postdoctoral research, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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John Floyd

  • Research Engineer

  • Project lead for federal-founded projects 

  • BS, Trinity University; MS, University of California, Riverside